Bag-in-box packaging is a set of packaging containers, consisting of high-barrier polyethylene package and a rigid outer shell (cardboard box, drum, case and etc.).

  • Bag-in-box packaging.
  • Bag-in-box package. Materials and components.

Packages of different capacity (from 1 to 1000 l) are shaped as a pillow and are made from high-barrier, multilayer polymer (metallised or transparent) films of different thickness,which depends on customer’s production requirements.

Bag-in-box packages are filled in through the neck, soldered in the package and are closed with a cork. Corks can have a special tap.Bag-in-box packages can be regular or antiseptic (intended for sterile dispensation).

For the production of packages, intended for bag-in-box packaging, two types of high-barrier multilayer materials that prevent the air from entering the packaged product and preserving the product qualities.


metalizuota-olimerine-pleveleMetallic pollymer package 

Metallic polymer film of PE/MetPET/PE construction is obtained in the vacuum by the deposition of pulverized aluminum on the surface of polymer films.

  • PE – polyethylene;
  • MetPET – metallic polyester. Transparent, coextruded polymer film of PE/EVOH/PE construction is obtained during the process of the extrusion of two or more liquid polymers to a multilayer structure.
  • EVOH – a high-barrier gas-tight layer.




Outer packaging

Filled packages of 1 to 20 l capacity are placed in cardboard boxes with cavities necessary for the output of cork or tap. In addition packages of 20 l can be placed in plastic boxes and those of 220 l can be placed in drums. Packages of 1000 l are placed in special containers.

Product protection from oxygen, bacteria, odours and light;

  • Possibility of long-term storage without using any preservatives;
  • Optimized, more economic and space-saving transportation of containers when compared with transportation of empty glass containers (you do not have to transport air in a container);
  • Lower costs when compared with recycled packaging and no expenses for returning, washing, transportation and storage of recycled packaging;
  • Convenient storage and transportation of finished products due to the rigid packaging;
  • Ensuring of a large space for advertising on a cardboard packaging;
  • Wide range of packaging capacity enables you to offer a product to a buyer from retail to small wholesale (HoReCa market) and wholesale.

Our company offers wide range of bag in box packages:

Dairy production

Bag-in-box packages are used in Milk industry for such products as:

  • milk;
  • evaporated milk;
  • soft ice cream;
  • cream for confectionery products;
  • cream;
  • mixtures for milkshake and etc.

Oils and fats.

In oil and fats industry bag-in-box are used for the packaging of vegetable oils, fat components and etc.

Fruit and vegetable products.

In food and vegetable industry bag-in-box are used for the storage of:

  • fruit and vegetable juice concentrates;
  • fruit and vegetable puree;
  • natural fruit and vegetable juice;
  • tomato paste and etc.

The system of hot dispensation to bag-in-box packages allows to increase the period of storage of fruit and vegetable products without using any preservatives.

Egg production.

In the production of egg products bag-in-box packages are used for the dispensation of:

  • liquid white;
  • liquid yolk;
  • liquid mélange.

The advantages of the use of bag-in-box packages for egg production is a long period of storage of these products without using any preservatives and convenient transportation to a buyer.

Wine production.

In wine making bag-in-box packages are used in combination with outer cardboard box, which has a number of advantages when compared with wine glass containers:

  • such wine can be stored for a long time after its opening thanks to the tap, which prevents the air from getting inside (up to six weeks after opening, differently than bottled wine, for which the period does not exceed 2-3 days);
  • bag-in-box packaging is cheap when compared with recycled glass containers, which leads to further expenses: for washing, transportation, storage;
  • it is convenient to keep and transport wine in such packaging due to the shape of a box;
  • packaging is excellent for outdoor recreation or picnic.
  • Moreover, bag-in-box packages are suitable not only for wine, but also for storage and transportation of wine mixes.

Drinking water.

Packages can be used for the dispensation and storage of water (regular, artesian, mineral, with special properties and still with a special composition of micronutrients!!!) in order to preserve useful properties and micronutrients.